god understands if you like dick

from by TFG



god understands if you like dick

god understands if you like dick
he just wants you to spread love
dont be a judgmental prick
give a queer a hug not a shove
talent and kindness are what counts
this beat will make homos bounce
hot dudes make lee want to pounce
shoot a load greater than one ounce
famous folks are gay it is ok
there is no reason for you to hide
first rock hudson bent liberace over
then he rammed his dick inside
threesomes happen on monday and wednesday
masturbation on thursday at 6
orgies on friday and saturday too
a gay man cant get too many dicks
who gave you the right to judge
just because two hot guys pack fudge
this world was built by all kinds
drop the hate and open your minds
l-i-b b is for balls
e-r-a a is for ass
c and e ejaculation
queers always hook up on vacation


from The Penis Pianist, released May 16, 2015



all rights reserved