just a candelabra and a smile

from by TFG



just a candelabra and a smile

liberace is a man with a secret
he lives most of his life in fear
he plays piano better than everyone
but do not ever call him a queer
he likes cock and balls and ass
his mother casts a large shadow
when hillbilly men kiss his pecker
it makes his dick want to blow
just a shy boy with a piano
and a speech impediment
he wanted to play classical music
pop opportunity is heaven sent
go out to vegas to make money
all the women love to look at lee
but the men gamble when he plays
they have no idea he is gay
tv allows him to hype his act
shamelessly flirt with the camera
just a candelabra and a smile
he takes it up the ass doggystyle
you claim that gay men are evil
and punished in the afterlife
i think you are punished now
when you fuck your old fat wife
now liberace is open for business
he receives every day all year
he takes deliveries in the rear


from The Penis Pianist, released May 16, 2015



all rights reserved