now out queers are everywhere

from by TFG



now out queers are everywhere

sequins make liberace feel alive
sexy tight pants and also a cape
if that man is naked and drunk
eat his ass and then a grape
women who worship lee are gross
they smell bad and eat pot roast
they live in lame middle america
while homos populate either coast
his fingers can move very quickly
playing the piano they are a blur
then those digits explore the anus
the anus of a him not her
liberace was just born too early
now out queers are everywhere
maybe he should have shaved his head
instead of a toupee with horse hair
i fuck guys and they fuck me
dont hide that from my family
men scream out in pleasure and pain
the ejaculations flow like rain
if you dont approve of gay sex
then listen up i have an idea
eat some turkey and drink some beer
take a long walk on a short pier


from The Penis Pianist, released May 16, 2015



all rights reserved