pavlovian response makes him drool

from by TFG



pavlovian response makes him drool

liberace sues the press all the time
they printed that he is a fruit
his clothes go out for dry cleaning
to remove load stains from his suit
his fans are mostly older broads
they do not think he is a threat
hopefully he can blow their sons
unless they are not of age yet
he lives with his brother and mom
they have a big piano shaped pool
when lee sees an erect penis
pavlovian response it makes him drool
management tells him how to act
but it is not easy to pretend
men are sexy young or old
soon they will spread his rear end
his beard is not on his face
it is sitting right next to lee
he bangs hot dudes in the bathroom
when he claims he has to pee
these annoying chicks make my head hurt
beautiful guys make my dick squirt
homos like to fuck not flirt
we dont buy dinner or desert
dont forget to wax your back
shoulders down to your ass crack
if you wax between your cheeks
toss your salad 5 days a week


from The Penis Pianist, released May 16, 2015



all rights reserved