pound his rectum with your erection

from by TFG



pound his rectum with your erection

liberace was a world class pianist
and his lover had a world class penis
lee sings with a clear inflection
pound his rectum with your erection
religious assholes dont like lee
but they do listen to his music
liberace was hung like an elephant
his young lovers all called him two dick
liberace died back in 1987
and he was born in 1919
when an old queer ejaculates
his dick sprays out dust and steam
gay dudes dont have to pay for sex
they just say hello once they meet
after some small talk they 69
suck and swallow each others meat
the church leaders disapprove of gays
but those hypocrites can fuck off
sometimes altar boys do get fondled
by the horny old men of the cloth
do your squats for a sexy butt
work out back and arms and chest
bears are good to dominate you
but the twinks suck cock the best
dick dick dick in my asshole
finger and finger in your butt
i need a guy who goes to the gym
one with a six pack not a gut


from The Penis Pianist, released May 16, 2015



all rights reserved