they can penetrate his asshole

from by TFG



they can penetrate his asshole

lee loves luxury and excess
his costumes are out of control
dudes who like his sensual bottom
they can penetrate his asshole
liberace is still insecure
but he is a rich celebrity
balls are hairy and full of sweat
ill rub yours if you let me
if only he could be immortal
to protect his musical legacy
it is far too scary to come out
its more important that you like lee
he knows michael jackson and bubbles
and he also knows hot scott thorson
they love to 69 all the time
eat hot cum and drink chilled wine
he claims scott is just a chauffeur
but we know he pounds his ass
they both got plastic surgery
to look similar as you can see
because you read all the holy books
you think you know right and wrong
writings are open to interpretation
god wants everyone to get along
liberace met a mexican queer
he said 'hola homo se llama'
both of them went out for a beer
they did not fuck too much drama


from The Penis Pianist, released May 16, 2015



all rights reserved