all conservatives should be shot

from by TFG



all conservatives should be shot

liberace is not just a flamer
hes a musician and entertainer
all conservatives should be shot
like rush limbaugh and john boehner
lee had hot studs in every state
he liked to watch them masturbate
boys and men in every town
they dressed up in evening gowns
liberace sold out radio city
the crowd was full of saggy titties
but backstage was penis land
burly men with tumescent glands
take a drink and drop your drawers
now its time get on all fours
lee was good friends with betty white
they pretended that they were dating
but he was repulsed by her hole
it was stinky when menstruating
all gay dudes like to suck cock
get our lovers hard as a rock
we do not want any more wars
peace with russia iran and iraq
i dont listen to men of the cloth
i would rather bang david lee roth
vote for the governor and the mayor
choose the candidate who is gayer
queers in power influence the laws
marriage equality deserves applause


from The Penis Pianist, released May 16, 2015



all rights reserved